ITHEN set of methodologies and guidelines

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Marketing and business management subjects taught in Universities and TVETs are rarely in line with the actual requirements of today’s job market, usually because they lack an international approach, that is fundamental as these professions always have a multinational and/or global reach.

Students graduating from Higher Education institutions (Universities or TVETs) in marketing and business management have shown a lack of key competences as for what regards entrepreneurship and cultural awareness – that is the capacity to work and engage in international cooperation within their job.

Aim of ITHEN’s Intellectual Output is therefore to collect innovative methodologies that can help develop market oriented key competences in the students attending international joint courses. The Output will also produce Methodological Guidelines containing standards and instructions for the integration of these methodologies in all future joint international courses carried out by the ITHEN Network, as well as by other bodies, external to the partnership.

Partners will also collect feedback from SME representatives in their territories, therefore assessing the real impact of the selected methodologies on students’ opportunities in the job market. All methodologies introduced by this Output will follow the dual method: “study and work”, as it enables students to engage with private companies and it’s a more effective way to deliver business and marketing competences.


Expected impact

students will acquire news skills and entrepreneurial and cultural awareness key competences applicable in the field of international marketing and business management, increasing their opportunities on the job market.
teachers will master innovative methodologies useful to deliver key entrepreneurial and cultural awareness competences within their ordinary teaching practice

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ITHEN Set of Key Competences and Indicators of Achievement.

Identification of Management, Technical, Digital and Transversal Competences needed by students graduating from Technical Higher Education courses in the fields of International Marketing and Business Management

Set of I-THEN Methodologies

Set of ten innovative methodologies – with step by step session guides – useful to develop the key competences required by the international job market in the field of marketing and business management

Alignment of ITHEN methodologies with the job market

Assessment on the real impact of ITHEN’s selected methodologies and identified competences on students’ opportunities in the international job market

National Pilots Evaluation Report

Overall evaluation report on the National Pilots conducted in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, and Turkey to test the ITHEN Set of Methodologies on local students and teachers.

Short video interviews to students involved in the Pilot

ITHEN Methodological Guidelines

Standards and instructions that can be used by all Technical VET institutions and Universities to mainstream the Set of ITHEN methodologies – considered of vital importance to develop key marketing competencies in students – in their own courses


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